Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies

Sixth grade Social Studies focuses on using the study of geography, history, religion, government, culture, and current issues to teach the priority standards established for sixth grade Social Studies in our district.  This content is used to teach students to create, analyze, and/or evaluate primary and secondary sources, maps, timelines, charts, and graphs.


7th Grade Social Studies

It will be a full year in Social Studies as we review our geography studies of knowing how to read maps, understanding latitude and longitude, examining geographic terminology of land and water, and connecting all that learning to the westward movement of the 1800s.  With the acquisition of the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, Lewis and Clark’s Expedition opened the United States to pioneers and settlers of all nationalities, making us the ‘Melting Pot’ of the world.

The Civil War always sparks the interest of 7th graders.  From the first shots at Ft. Sumter to the surrender at Appomattox Court House, each battle and victory is reenacted, written up into a journal, or researched as far as; people involved, important generals, actual place the battle was fought, who won, and how many casualties on both sides.  One would wonder if it wasn’t still going on today!

Viewing our country through the eyes of immigrants, Native Americans, African slaves, political leaders, and common U.S. citizens can be very interesting.  We see them in good times and in hard times.  But however we see them, we go away with a better understanding of why we are, “Proud to be called Americans!”


8th Grade Social Studies

This year in 8th grade Social Studies students will be introduced to Civics, and what it means to be a citizen of the United States.  In the very first unit, students will study the difference between rights and duties of citizens, and understand what duties United States citizens are required to fulfill.  Students also will examine the Naturalization process, and what it takes for an immigrant to become a United States Citizen. 

As the year progresses, 8th grade students will examine the roots of our rights, duties, and laws by studying colonial America and the development of our nation.  Students will dissect the Constitution by examining the formation of our government, and the history of our 27 amendments.  8th grade Social Studies is a foundation for Personal Law, History, and Government classes in high school.

In the third trimester, students will investigate their future by examining their skills, interests, and values.  Junior Achievement is part of this curriculum, and students engage in several activities that involve managing a budget.  A highlight of the third trimester is attending a Financial Literacy Fair in which students manage a budget based on a career they have chosen.  The students research a career through their I Have A Plan portfolio they have set up in conjunction with the counselors.