6th Grade Science

Sixth Grade is an exciting year for scientific thinking and exploration!  We will be taking a closer look at the Scientific Method, designing and conducting experiments, learning about the Body Systems, working with the Metric System, “discovering” facts about Earth, the Moon, and the Solar System, as well as some other “stuff” like Recycling that will “Matter.”  We are looking forward to our year together and hope you are, too!


7th Grade Science

During 1st Trimester we study soil and discuss how nutrients are an important aspect of soil.  We also talk about plant growth by observing fast plants.  To end first trimester we discuss ecology with a focus on invasive species and photosynthesis.

For 2nd trimester we continue our studies of ecology.  We will also learn about force and motion. We will learn about force and motion by completing labs using tracks, ramps and carts. The unit will focus on Newton’s Laws of Motion and motion graphs. 

To finish the year we will discuss plate tectonics and how tectonic plate movement causes volcanoes, earthquake and mountain formation.   We will also learn about the rock cycle and review sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks.


8th Grade Science

To start the year off right for 8th grade science, we review safety procedures and behavior expectations.  The first unit of study is an Energy Unit.  Your child will use data from lab activities to predict energy movement, identify various forms of energy, and explain how energy is transferred and transformed. 

The second unit of the year is Micro-life.  Your child will learn about microscopic organisms including disease causing microbes.  Students will use the microscopes to examine prepared slides, and make wet mount slides of pond water, onions, and yeast. 

Micro-life is followed by another life science, Genetics.  Your child will determine how genetic information is passed from one generation to another and identify factors that influence genetic traits.

The final unit is on weather and atmosphere.  Your child will describe how water circulates on Earth and explain how the atmosphere and oceans affect our weather and climate.