6th Grade Literacy

1st Trimester
The first unit theme is “Rules to Live By” we will compare character’s traits using multiple texts. The next unit will be “Outside the Comfort Zone”.  Students will read stories about characters that have embarrassing moments occur in their lives and how they learn from those embarrassing moments.

2nd Trimester
The theme will be “Storytelling”.  We will focus on myths, legends and short stories. 


7th Grade Literacy

Students are involved in Reader's Workshop this year for Literacy class. This format involves a minilesson, practice of that lesson, and then application.

We also use Guided Reading groups and Literature Circles in Literacy. Guided Reading is a small reading group led by the teacher. We work on reading strategies to improve comprehension and elevate the level of thinking about text. Literature Circles mimic book discussion groups.


8th Grade Literacy

Six thematic units will be used this year to teach the eighth grade literacy priority standards.  These units include:  No Limitations/Perseverance, The Strange and Mysterious, Taking a Stand, Surprises, Cultural Diversity, and Humor and Satire.  These units will be used to teach students the fundamentals needed to comprehend a wide range of fiction and nonfiction reading materials.  Students will also study a variety of different literary formats, elements, and techniques to understand how they impact meaning as they continue to work on comprehension skills.