Language Arts

6th Grade Language Arts

We are using the Writing Workshop model; this model allows for both teacher-directed and student-generated pieces, both of which ultimately are taken through the writing process.  The minilesson structure within Writing Workshop allows the teacher to teach a minilesson to the whole group and then move to working with students in individual conferences. In these individual meetings, we really get to know your child as a writer and then to assist his/her specific writing needs.

As the year progresses, Investigations (student-directed research) will also become part of Writing Workshop.


7th Grade Language Arts

In seventh grade Language Arts the curriculum focuses on reading, writing, grammar, and spelling to continue students’ development in the ability to communicate and think creatively and critically.  Using The Write Tools students refine their written expression in the genres of narrative, argumentative, expository, and response to literature.  All of these components are integrated in thematic units.


8th Grade Language Arts

Six thematic units will be used this year to teach the eighth grade language arts priority standards.  These units include:  No Limitations/Perseverance, The Strange and Mysterious, Taking a Stand, Surprises, Cultural Diversity, and Humor and Satire.  These units will be used to teach students the fundamentals needed in the preparation and research for writing, the writing process involved with various types of writing, and the discussion and presentation of their writing.