It's Back to School Time!

We hope you are having a fun summer of adventures and relaxation! As July winds down, BACK to SCHOOL time will be here quickly. Under QUICK LINKS at the top of this website we have a link called GETTING STARTED AT TAFT. That link provides all the information you will need to have a successful start to the school year.


School supplies are an important part of each school year. We have provided a list here. For those of you who like to shop online, we are trying something new and have created grade level lists using AMAZON’s IDEA LIST maker. We realize that the items selected may not be the exact amounts listed on our school supply list, but we were attentive to the best, current deals at the time the list was created. There are also many personal preferences for some of the items. For example, the zipper pencil pouch listed is a simple blue one. There are many more online that might reflect more personal style choices.

6th Grade Supply List @ Amazon

7th Grade Supply List @ Amazon

8th Grade Supply List @ Amazon

We hope you find this venture helpful!

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