It is Time to Sign-Up for February Conferences

Online Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-Up

Conferences will be held on:
Monday, February 20th 3:05 – 9:00pm
Tuesday, February 21st 3:05 – 9:00pm

Starting Wednesday, January 25th at 8:00am you will be able to log into our parent teacher scheduling site and select a time to meet with one or two of your child’s teachers.  The instructions below outline the process to follow.  If you have any questions or do not have internet access, please contact the counseling office at 558-2357 for help scheduling your child(ren)’s conference.

  1. Go to .
  2. Enter your students first and last name in the boxes.
  3. Your access code is your student’s powerschool password/school ID – see below.
  4. Click on Login – Logged in you will see your student’s teachers. Sign up for a conference with one or two of your child’s teachers.  Click on the schedule button next to the teacher.
  5. You will see a listing of times that this teacher is available.
  6. Click on the button next to the time you wish to schedule.
  7. Click schedule time and you are finished.        
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