The 23 Helping Verbs Chart

C  H  A  D       B.       S   W   I   M

   can               have               am                 do                                   be                                      shall                   will                  is               may

  could             has                 are               does                              being                                 should               would                               might

                          had                                      did                                  been                                                              was                                  must



Helping verbs work with the main verb to tell about the action. Usually, they give the reader more detail about when the action takes place.

A verb cannot be a helping verb unless there is another verb to help. Together, the main verb and its helping verb are called a verb phrase.

¨      We are teaching you about helping verbs.  ("are"—helping verb   "teaching"—main verb,     “are teaching”—verb phrase)

Other things to keep in mind: